5 words and definitions to help you gain control over your creative process

5 words and definitions to help you gain control over your creative process

Expressssss yo-self. Ready to sip some ☕️ on words and phrases that can help you stimulate wellness through creativity? These clusters of words have been researched and intentionally created to help you understand how every aspect of your life is connected.

They serve as an entry point to help you define what creative wellness looks like for you and how you can begin to strategize and create a framework to include more creativity in your life. 

Creative Tea by The Cirri

Intention: Intention is a really weird one because it's often mistaken as a goal or positioning your goal to receive enough attention for your creative outpour. But really, intention is personal and encourages you to remove the ego so you can aim to create from your own creative capability and consciousness. Intention encourages you to lean on your imagination and process to create from a source that is spiritual and meaningful to you.

Creative Flow: Flow is when you're at the optimal state of your mental wellness that allows you to perform your best. Creative flow is basically when you're in the "zone." It's what follows intention and allows you to create what you want to with little to no control. It can be triggered at any point in the creative process and is contingent on new insights that emerge. It is full engagement and enjoyment in the process of what you are doing. (Csikszentmihalyi, 2002)


Creative Mastery: Dr. Sarah Lewis, an intellectual leader and author of "The Rise," encourages people to embrace their failures and explores the idea of success vs. mastery. She explains mastery as a commitment to a constant pursuit. It is not merely the same as success, which reflects just a moment in time. Mastery is to move beyond your limitations and continue the quest for your best creative work because it is not determined by the outcome but by endless possibilities of what you can create.

Creative Atmosphere: It could be your best friend's living room or the park down the block from your house, but a creative atmosphere is essential to fostering creativity and imagination. A creative atmosphere is a space where you feel comfortable enough to allow your conscience to unleash its creative potential. A space where you can say, feel, and express anything that comes to mind with no judgment. Don't underestimate the influence of your environments, It can be the most unusual spaces that stimulate your mind. 

Creative Exploitation: What we conjure from our creativity is a reflection of our deepest creative reservoirs and stimulated subconscious. Our expression is intimately connected to our soul, body, and mind and revealed in the work we do. Creative exploitation includes a multitude of ways an artist is treated unfairly; ranging from paying little for a service to creative infringement.

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