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Meet our founder, Sabrina

Why did you create Cirri? 

Thank you for taking the time to find our digital sphere. It means you are curious about creative wellness and what it means to live a creative lifestyle. Cirri, derived from the Chimini language defined as a secret, embodies rebirth, reclamation, and revelation. It encourages us to reclaim our stories and imagine safer, future ecosystems where we can tend to the deepest parts of ourselves through creative exploration. It's rebirthing our ideas and dreams so we can have the confidence to nourish them. Our creative exploration requires us to have a level of self-awareness that can be difficult or inspiring to grapple with but can reveal what exists within our subconscious or at the core of our spiritual being. This understanding ultimately led me to create Cirri because there was a gap within the wellness space. It didn't include creativity as a part of that process and journey to come home to ourselves. 

What does creative wellness mean to you? 

I define creative wellness as one of the dimensions of our lives that fosters cultural competency, creative awareness, self-actualization, and freedom of expression. It means that we can show up again and again to try to reimagine all of the possibilities in our lives. It means learning a new skill or spending time playing and tending to our inner child. Creative wellness is understanding what makes you happy and what activities bring the most authentic, vulnerable version of you to the forefront. 

What creative activities do you enjoy doing the most? 

I loveeeeeee poetry and exploring digital art. I love an aesthetic af visual lifestyle that romanticizes every aspect of living. I'm signed to a modeling agency and have come to appreciate what that new avenue of expression has been able to grant me, financially or in the form of necessary representation. I'm currently working on a zine titled bouquet battles; that explores the relationship of a daughter and father and what poetic life lessons can come from that. 

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