The Wellness in Creativity with Camille

The Wellness in Creativity with Camille

Hi! I’m Camille Smith and I am a wellness and mindfulness content creator. I create content to inspire women to love themselves inside and out.

Explain your work around wellness. What are your passions, why did you start, how is being creative connected to your wellness practice?

I guess I could say that my commitment to encouraging others to focus on their mental and physical wellness started with me. Early in my life I often felt like an outcast and an outlier which led me to bad habits like people-pleasing and mirroring others’ habits to fit in. It showed up a lot in not only my personal relationships but also in my professional life where I would often go “above and beyond” for jobs and bosses that did not value me or my talents.

I was working very hard for a job that I overextended myself for out of fear of not being a “team player” and I had an anxiety attack at my desk. As someone who has (thankfully) never had any physical issues this was a huge eye-opener for me. It led me to not only see that I needed to prioritize my physical health, but also my mental health over my job and other responsibilities. I was also quickly approaching my 30th birthday (and we know that Saturn return ain't no joke!) so I knew I had some decisions to make. I quit that job for what was a better one at the time and I began to read books, go to therapy, and do inner work to discover what I really wanted in my life vs. what I felt I should want.

I began actively sharing my journey on social media in 2021 and I found a community of individuals that were also dealing with a lot of the things I was also struggling with. This became a creative outlet for me and helped me to find other like-minded individuals that enjoyed my writing and perspectives on mental and physical wellness.

What is your self-care routine like? 

My self-care routine looks different every day. I know people like to think that waking up at 5 am and hitting the gym with a green smoothie is the standard but it varies.

The one consistent thing in my routine is always gratitude. Before my feet hit the ground in the morning I always say a prayer thanking the creator for allowing me to see another day. I never take it for granted. It's something that most people overlook but it's something that I cherish every day.

After that, I usually meditate for about 10 minutes using the Calm app and then I get out of bed and do 20-30 minutes of yoga to move my body. Starting the day like this really helps my mood and sets the tone for my day.

Something else that I like to do for self-care is eating more whole foods. My body loves it so my mind loves it too. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I have some fried catfish or a pizza for dinner but I try to add some kind of greens, vegetables, or fruits into my diet every day. It's about balance!

I also love baths. It's something about being near the water that is so soothing and rejuvenating to me. I like to really set the mood when I take a bath so it’s more of a ritual: candles, palo santo burning, a playlist (I have a Spotify playlist that I made just for baths), bubbles, and maybe a glass of wine depending on how I’m feeling. There’s nothing that makes me feel more feminine or more restored than taking a bath.

Why is creativity important for your mental well-being?

I’m naturally a creator. I remember when I was a child making scrapbooks and friendship bracelets out of yarn before I even had a clear concept of what “creativity” was. I learned, as I was trying to fit into spaces where creativity was not favored and the status quo was king, that I NEEDED to create. It's not an option for me. If my creativity is repressed I’m not functioning as my full and most authentic self.

I think we often get caught up in what’s cool and trendy and we lose our authenticity along the way. We are made as individuals for a reason and our uniqueness is needed in the world. Creativity to me is authenticity, and being authentic makes us whole.

What piece of advice would you offer your younger self in terms of cultivating wellness?

First of all, I would tell baby girl to relax LOL. I can’t remember a time when I was younger when I was totally in the moment. I was always thinking about the next step or where I wanted to go and I’m not sure if I fully enjoyed where I was at any given moment.

Next, I would tell her to put herself first; before any friend, relationship, or job. I would also explain that saying no and setting boundaries for yourself are necessary to live YOUR best life, not the one you think your should live, the one that makes you truly happy and allows you to live abundantly (because they CAN exist simultaneously).

I think I would also share that living and loving differently is ok. I would tell her it's ok to feel her feelings fully and it's also ok to express them. Tell the people you love that you love them. Express yourself. You are your best thing. Feel it all, feel it fully, and the things and people meant to come and stay in your life will find you.

Thank you for letting me share! Feel free to follow me on Instagram at @clearlycamille and check out my blog (link in IG bio).

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