Three questions on art and tenderness with Salma

Three questions on art and tenderness with Salma

tired, 2022

Salma is an artist exploring the mediums of painting, poetry, digital design, and whatever else sparks her interest. She loves creating and though it can often be overwhelming it brings her the most peace.  

What or who inspires you?

What inspires me is other creatives. Whether I find that on Pinterest or through the people in my life, seeing other people put life into something they're so passionate about always inspires me.

What do you spend most of your day dreaming about?

I'm always dreaming of getting TF out of here LOL!! I've been in this constrained environment for way too long and every chance I get to leave, even for a little bit, I'm at my happiest. And while that is the dream insha'Allah, I try my best to find little ways to change my day and not stick to a routine I can't stand but this student life only permits so much. 

What does creative wellness mean to you?

I think I just started practicing creative wellness this past year unintentionally. Previously I was never creating because I was enjoying it I was creating to prove myself as an artist which was sooooo damaging to my mind and literally put me in a block for monthss.

But around summer last year I made an intention to create for myself and take myself out of this pressure that wasn’t even there and alhamdulilah I spent every free moment in the day painting, writing, reading and I found that everything I did sparked some inspiration. Of course I hit blocks all the time and the thought of creating sometimes drains me so I never force myself to create. Whenever I feel like it would be good for my mind, I’ll put on a playlist or a show and try my best to mindlessly create.

living spaces, 2021

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