What creativity feels and looks like with Lei

What creativity feels and looks like with Lei

I am Leyla Dualeh (she/they), a multidisciplinary artist, activist and architect in the making. As a highly sensitive person, my senses tend to shape the way I view/engage @with my external environment. This has served as both a gift and a challenge.

Through my many teachers (quick shoutout to 
Pema Chödrön, adrienne maree brown, bell hooks, and Thich Nhat Hanh), I have learned different techniques to honor my needs as they arise and create a safe, loving home within my body. 

I'm definitely still on the path and have so much learning ahead of me. Here are my reflections on creative wellness :)

creative wellness feels like

  • acceptance, tenderness, joy, laughter, compassion, love, togetherness, community
  • seeing my self authentically and embracing all parts of my being, including the parts that are difficult to see + hold. 
  • an unconditional friendship with self 
  • willingness to explore the depths of my creativity. meeting whatever arises with curiosity and without fear or judgement 

looks like

  • setting intentional me-time. time to experience the joy of living uniquely as my self, and dive shamelessly into my latest passions—whether it’s a new book, dish, or set of color pencils
  • taking time to recharge in stillness and silence. 
    • so often i find my self rushing to compete task after task that i completely forget to stop, breathe, and check in with my body. i’ve come to realize that i am a sensual being with hypersensitive senses and i get can get overstimulated quickly if i don’t take time to reset. i do this by tapping into silence and complete stillness. here, i can fully feel all the sensations that arise within my body and move forward with a deeper understanding of my needs. 

some ways i practice are 

  • through gratitude and affirmative prayers
    • remembering what i’m grateful for—even if it’s as simple as my breath & being alive—can lighten whatever load i’m carrying and bring me a sense of peace. i know that in every moment, even in my lowest, i am connected to and supported by the divine Creator. i believe that every day has been crafted in divine perfection and it provides us with the lessons we need to grow.
  • journaling
    • i write to remember the blessings and lessons of each day, to process my emotions and release what is not serving me, and to document where i’m at in life. i love adding doodles and color(s) in my writing to illustrate each day because it makes it feel like each day has a distinct personality. 
  • baths, naps, and connecting with loved ones 
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