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In The Mind Of Edel Ahmed

These articles are segments on a series of black women storytellers on their creative expression, storytelling, and what currently fuels them. The need for more black womxn storytellers and creatives may be at an all-time high, however, there is still a need for more. With such diverse lives, stories, experiences and deep passions we need to create to reflect our world. We need to create to reflect the complexities of our identities and experiences. Black people are not a monolith, we are inspired by each other and create for each other by each other. Black people are a constellation, we are stars and shine bright in our own individual way but we are still so connected. There is healing in sharing our stories and trust in the work that we create for the people who are watching and consuming. The artistry of black womxn creatives has contributed to the shifting culture in an impactful way. Please explore these talented multidisciplinary creatives and take a journey through their current minds.

Edel Ahmed.


My passion is poetry.

What is your creative outlet and how do you story tell?

I tell stories through my poems and use poetry as my outlet.

What does it mean to be a black womxn storyteller?

To me it means you get to speak on unique individual life experiences that not everyone will get but everyone will wish they were a part of.

What are some topics that you are currently interested in?

I haven't been writing because of life. But usually, I write to process life. Some topics I have written about are immigration, love, family, being Muslim and what that feels like.

What books are on your to-do list?

oh gosh, I'm embarrassed by my long list. Some books I have and others I have to get still but Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi is on the top of my list. I have the book it's just been sitting on my desk.

What affirmations do you have?

My favorite right now is "This was what was written and you are living it as best as you can"

How do set a good intention? A goal?

I usually write it and then write out a plan to execute it.

Who do you want to be like?

Like water. Cleansing, smooth but strong enough to take you out if you cross me.

Where do you find inspiration?

From life, books, movies, friends, and family honestly all around me.

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